Become a Member

Membership Fees

Member - $100 pa (retired $50 pa)

A Member will hold an accredited Degree or equivalent formal qualification and been engaged in the practice of the profession for sufficient time to gain experience deemed necessary by Council. Associate Members will be able to progress to this grade upon either successful completion of the CPD program or gaining experience deemed necessary by Council. Requirements for membership.

Associate Member - $100 pa (retired $50 pa)

An Associate Member will hold an accredited Degree or equivalent formal qualification, or an accredited Diploma together with relevant experience, or alternatively experience in the profession or allied sciences that would enable the person to promote the objects of the Institute. Requirements for membership.

Affiliate Member - $100 pa (retired $50 pa)

An Affiliate Member will be a person interested in furthering the objects of the Institute but who is not eligible to be a corporate member. Requirements for membership.

Student Member - Free

A Student Member will be receiving such academic education and practical training as to enable admittance as a corporate member of the Institute upon successful completion. Requirements for membership.

Life Members - Free

Membership Forms

The Mapping Sciences Institute, Australia has made the application form available so that it may be completed and submitted electronically. If you have Adobe Acrobat, you may complete and save the form using the PDF format.

Steps to submitting your membership application form

  1. Download the “MSIA Membership Application Form” below and save the file to your computer.
  2. Open the form with Adobe Reader. 
  3. Complete all of the required details on the form.
  4. Print the form and sign it.
  5. If you have a scanner, you can scan the form and any supporting documentation and email them as an attachment to the Membership Manager. Otherwise, post the form and any supporting documentation to the address on the second page of the form.

Participating in the CPD activity and using the CPD activity form is voluntary, you may use it if your employer requires you to record CPD activity.