International Airroutes

Required Information

CONTACT NAME: Joe Foggiato
ROLE: (Acting) Supervisor Aeronautical Charting
COMPANY: Airservices Australia
ADDRESS: Controls Tower Complex, Brisbane Airport
PHONE: +61 7 3866 3426
Total number of submissions: 1

Category - Maps On Panels

  • Title - International Airroutes
  • Type - Paper
  • Scale -  1:15 million
  • Dimensions of the sheet - 2022 X 900
  • Authors - Aeronautical Charting, Aeronautical Information Management, Airservices Australia
  • Published by - Aeronautical Charting
  • Date published - 13 November 2014
  • Language of the legend - English

Brief abstract or additional comments (maximum 100 words)

The International Chart is essential for Manual Addressing of Air Traffic Service (ATS) Messaging- Particularly for identifying Flight Information Region (FIR) boundaries.

As Upper Level Routes are becoming more common place, such as Sydney-Dallas/Fortworth, Brisbane/Melbourne/Sydney/Adelaide/Perth-Middle East, and even a rumoured Australia-Istanbul these charts are invaluable in determining Addressing Requirements.

The Charts are also of use for plotting Hazard Activity such as Volcanic Ash, Tsunami Alerts etc.
On an administrative note, we often have visitors from foreign ATS Units visiting and the charts geographically demonstrate Brisbane/Melbourne FIRs relative to the Rest of the World.


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