The Mapping Sciences Institute, Australia, is an association of professionals engaged in map-making and/or geospatial science - where the latter is defined as β€œthe study of the spatial aspects of terrestrial and geographic datasets.” Our membership comprises practitioners, academics and students involved in these fields.

Traditionally, our members were qualified as cartographers and surveyors, but our recent new members typically hold a university Degree in some variant of geospatial science. The cartographers in our ranks are likely to be participating in the design and production of topographic, geological, tourist or cadastral maps; other members may be leading the way in the development of geographic information systems.

The purpose of MSIA is to promote the mapping sciences in the education sector and the community in general, in the belief that maps and other forms of displaying geographic information are the bases on which the economic and social development and the environmental management of our nation rests.

We welcome suitably qualified people, who share our view, to join us.

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