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CONTACT NAME: Peter Lennon
ROLE: Director
COMPANY: Department of Natural Resources and Mines, Queensland
ADDRESS: Cnr Main & Vulture Streets, Woolloongabba QLD 4102, Australia
WEBSITE URL: http://ww.dnrm.qld.gov.au
PHONE : +61 7 38963017
EMAIL: Peter.lennon@dnrm.qld.gov.au
Total number of submissions: 2

Category - Digital Products 

  • Title - QTopo
  • Type - Web Site
  • Format - Topographic Map
  • Software platform in which it is managed - Geocortex Essentials, ArcGIS
  • Authors - Matt Smith, Simon Haycock
  • Published by - Spatial Data & Mapping, Department of Natural Resources and Mines, State of Queensland, Australia
  • Date published or most recently updated - August 2014
  • Nominal scale - 1:36,978,595 to 1:18056
  • Language of the alphanumeric elements - English
  • URL - http://qtopo.dnrm.qld.gov.au/desktop/

Brief abstract or additional comments (maximum 100 words)

Topographic mapping is a cartographic product that has endured and remains sought after. But in an economic climate that places an emphasis on frugality and smarter solutions, the production of traditional hardcopy topographic maps is increasingly difficult.

Using ArcMap, ArcGIS for Server and Geocortex Essentials, the Queensland Department of Natural Resources and Mines has created Qtopo, an online interactive topographic atlas that allows the user an on-demand digital and printed topographic map anywhere in Queensland down to and lower than 1:25000 scale.This is a vast improvement on previously published mapping which was only ever able to publish topographic maps for 9% of the area of this vast state.

With Qtopo, 100% of this vast territory is now covered with large scale digital mapping and able to produce print on demand topographic maps at several standard scales and paper sizes. Qtopo also is able to map at point of interest or as standard grid sheet maps.


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