Melway Street Directory of Greater Melbourne Edition 42, 2015

Required Information

CONTACT NAME: David Godfrey
ROLE: Director Production
COMPANY: Melway Publishing Pty Ltd
ADDRESS: 32 Ricketts Road, Mount Waverley, Victoria, 3149, Australia
PHONE: +61 3 9585 9888
Total number of submissions: Three (3)

Category - Atlases

  • Title - Melway Street Directory of Greater Melbourne Edition 42, 2015
  • Number of pages - 784 Pages
  • Dimensions - 292mm deep x 210mm wide
  • Authors - Melway Publishing Pty Ltd
  • Published by - Melway Publishing Pty Ltd
  • Date published - July 2014
  • Language of the text - English

Brief abstract or additional comments (maximum 100 words)

The Melway Street Directory of Greater Melbourne, first produced in 1966, is the most comprehensive Melbourne mapping. Melway has gained iconic status in providing over 176 individual map features that are researched daily for each map, to meet an annual publishing date. Melway is the only street directory company in Melbourne with a dedicated team driving the roads of Melbourne verifying the information we collect. This ability to be the most accurate and up to date street directory has helped Melway compete strongly against the competition and in particular, against the free electronic mapping changing the way people navigate forever.


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