Major Resource Projects — 2015

Required Information

CONTACT NAME: Stephen Bandy
ROLE: General Manager, Geoscience Information, Geological Survey of Western Australia
COMPANY: Department of Mines and Petroleum
ADDRESS: 100 Plain Street, East Perth, Western Australia 6004
PHONE: +61 8 9222 3201

Category - Maps On Panels

  • Title - Major Resource Projects 2015
  • Type - This map is published in digital format (PDF) and therefore, can be reproduced on any medium.
    The PDF is available online at In addition, the map is offset printed for distribution at conferences and seminars. These paper copies are also available from: Information Centre Department of Mines and Petroleum.
  • Scale - 1:3 000 000
  • Dimensions of the sheet (in millimetre) - 708.5 x 1004
  • Authors - Compiled by RW Cooper, PB Abeysinghe, C Strong and F Irimies 2015
    The recommended reference for this map is: Cooper, RW , Abeysingh e, P B, Strong, C and Irimies, F 2015, Major Resource Projects, Western Australia — 2015 (1:3 000 000 scale): Geological Survey of Western Australia
  • Published by - Published by the Geological Survey of Western Australia
  • Date published - January 2015
  • Language of the legend - English

Brief abstract or additional comments (maximum 100 words)

DMP’s Major Resource Projects Map provides a complete coverage of all major mineral and petroleum projects in Western Australia, onshore and offshore, together with their operating status – ‘in production’ or ‘proposed’.

The map is produced annually while the project data is updated weekly and is made available online. This map provides a quick spatial appreciation of the State’s major resource projects and is a valuable tool that can be used to complement project planning presentations for projects around the state. ‘Major’ is defined as projects with an annual production value of more than $10 million or where the capital cost of development is more than $30 million.



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