Bathurst 1:250 000 Metallogenic Map (Second Edition)

Required Information

CONTACT NAME: Phillip Carter
ROLE: Geospatial Production Coordinator
COMPANY: Geological Survey of NSW
ADDRESS: 516 High Street, Maitland, NSW, Australia, 2320
PHONE: +61 2-931 6596
Total number of submissions: 1

Category - Maps On Panels

  • Title - Bathurst 1:250 000 Metallogenic Map (Second Edition)
  • Type - Paper
  • Scale - 1:250 000
  • Dimensions of the sheet (in millimetre) - 1280 x 840
  • Authors - Downes P.M., Colquhoun G.P., Blevin P.L., Forster D.B., Rutledge J.M. & Pogson D.J.
  • Published by - Geological Survey of NSW, Australia
  • Date published - May 2014
  • Language(s) of the legend - English

Brief abstract or additional comments (maximum 100 words)

The Bathurst 1:250 000 Metallogenic Map (Second Edition) is a double sided map and represents a significant update to the first edition.

The main map face shows mineral deposits with symbology describing mineral system classification (symbol shape), commodity type (colour) and deposits size (size).

Map surrounds include a detailed reference, simplified geology map, time-space plot and a list of deposits shown.
The reverse side of the map, “Mining and Geological History of the Bathurst Region”, was designed and produced by John Frith of Flat Earth mapping with text content supplied by the Department of Trade and Investment. It is intended to broaden the appeal of the map and to tap into the geo tourism market.


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